Working together

If you’re already using the open good practices from my website for your organization, you might be interested in working more closely with me.


My services intend to bring value to client organizations through specific elements:


Explanation ensures that the internal stakeholders fully understand the forms, their use, and the necessary complementation. I lead you through the process area and explain every form with examples from your industry/market. We never follow a pre-defined script but consider your challenges when collaborating on your individual needs. Answering your questions ensures you and your colleagues fully understand the process areas, all forms, and all questions.


Implementation sets the foundation for your organization to use forms as a management tool. We copy the form templates into your collaboration software environment and connect them to your existing tables. This ensures that we apply your information security regulations and that you’re the owner of all data. I can host your organization's forms and tables in special cases (e.g., as a proof-of-concept).


Customization ensures you get the individualized forms you need for your organization. Forms are a super-simple tool but still need more or less adaption to the organizational circumstances. We discuss possible adaptions or even change the forms in real-time while in a workshop. You decide which organizational information you want to share with me as input for the customization. You also decide to which degree your personnel should learn how to adapt specific forms for your organizational needs.


Adoption ensures your organization uses the implemented and customized forms. With workshops and feedback forms, we understand your users’ challenges and continually adapt the corresponding forms. We keep your stakeholders in a close loop to understand what’s going on and show the fast business value to your organization.

Cooperation models

We can work together in different ways:


Content only is the most cost-efficient solution for you because it’s 100% free of charge. You use the information I publish on my website for your projects and processes but don’t receive individual support. You can copy the forms and adapt them to your organizational needs. All information and forms are free of copyright.


Coaching is the most cost-efficient solution if you need verbal support to use the information and forms on my website. Coaching comes for a fixed price per month and includes regular web conferences. I note your needs for additional information or complete topics and consider them in information development prioritization. Coaching is the best model for organizations with highly qualified people who can drive implementation projects independently.


Implementation is the regular model for organizations that not only need verbal support but also a helping hand with adapting the forms, conducting the business analysis including requirements engineering, and building the solution (e.g., website). The implementation model is the done-for-you approach and its costs depend on your individual needs. It includes all the necessary activities for project success, including a running ongoing process.

Managed services

Managed service includes ongoing activities after successful project execution, including the implementation of a continual process. The managed service model is for organizations that don’t want to execute the process with their staff but need someone who does this for them. The managed services comes for a fixed monthly price, which depends on the implemented process and the individual needs of the organization.

Speed of execution

“Organizational speed” will be one of the most pressing challenges in the next decades. Organizational speed means the capability of acting fast under VUCA conditions. Acting fast means changing the organization by implementing and adopting innovations and improvements in culture, processes, and technology.

Conventional consultants sit for long hours with your people discussing, brainstorming, and ideating. I base my services on open good practice form templates and complementary information. This gives you all the information you need to read up on before we even meet for the first time. In general, you can start implementing my good practice form templates much earlier than with conventional consulting.

Process areas

Based on my expertise and experience I work in three professional fields:

  • Innovation improves existing services and develops new services, especially in knowledge-intense markets like professional & outsourcing services.
  • Operations support organizations with practices on how to work more effectively and efficiently.
  • Sourcing innovates how organizations procure and manage technology services faster than ever.

Contact me

If you're interested in what I do, email me at, ask me for a callback, or set up our call by choosing an available date and time.