Supplier management process setup stakeholder information

Situation & Challenges

  • Necessity of setting up a supplier management capability
  • Issues with few software solutions available on the market
  • Software solutions are often associated with massive lock-in effects
  • Microsoft Excel is difficult to manage in the long term
  • Solution for use by stakeholders needed instead of use by the supplier management team only
  • Supplier management team as coordinator and for information management instead of another operational team
  • Supplier management team to drive systematization, standardization, and automation instead of execution of operational activities only
  • Supplier manager to design processes instead of executing processes
  • Microsoft 365 was introduced and is in successful use

Solution & Contents

  • Supplier management tool based on Microsoft Forms as part of Microsoft 365
  • Forms are a simple, tried and tested, and fast tool for process management
  • From the user's point of view, every process software is an interaction of forms (user interface)
  • Microsoft Forms provides a simple interface for entering information about one-time projects and/or recurring processes
  • Supplier management tool in Microsoft Forms maps initial, ad-hoc, and regular activities of stakeholders


  • Stakeholder briefing and data collection (one month behind original schedule)
  • Model and forms customization
  • Backend development for analysis and visualization
  • Further forms in various areas are possible

Other form subjects

  • Forms for analysis (e.g., interviews) in projects
  • Forms for holistic process control (such as supplier management)
  • Forms for data collection of sub-processes not yet mapped (e.g., employee onboarding) (
  • Forms as checklists or standard operating procedures
  • Forms for the confirmation of acknowledgment of instructions (e.g., manuals)