Professional services

Professional services

IT sourcing & supplier management


Individual services

  • Team feedback Internal marketing • Methodology selection • Organizational culture • Process description • Software selection • Success measurement • Team leader training • Team positioning • Team training
  • IT sourcing Bid analyses • Budget planning • Contracting • Contract negotiations • Cost reduction measures • Framework agreements • Market analysis • Procurement strategies • Technology selection
  • IT supplier management Contract management • Cost transparency • Innovation support • Negotiation guidance • Performance measurement • Process improvement • Service level management • Supplier consolidation • Supplier evaluation
  • Öffentliche Beschaffung: Universalvergabe Eine Rahmenvereinbarung • Alle erdenklichen IT-Leistungen • Ein kontrahierter Wiederverkäufer • Abruf anstelle Mini-Wettbewerb • Maximale Flexibilität • Maximale Wahlfreiheit • Schnellstmögliche Beschaffung

Successful projects

Service transition & transformation as Service Manager

since 2023-01

  • Developing service delivery processes and standard operating procedures.
  • Developing an outsourcing service delivery model.
  • Developing an information & knowledge management process.
Supplier management process development as Consultant

since 2022-05

  • Developing a supplier management process procuring, managing, and improving existing and future service supplier relationships and service delivery.
  • Developing supplier management instructions for internal staff.
  • Developing a stakeholder interview series to improve the supplier management process continually.
Supplier management process development as Supplier Manager

2022-09 – 2022-11

  • Developed a sourcing & supplier management strategy and operating model.
  • Developed a supplier management process for an existing hardware, software, and service landscape.
  • Developed standard operating procedures for the supplier management team and product/service owners.
Framework agreement development as Supplier Manager

2021-11 – 2022-10

  • Developed an IT service contract approach consolidating many external services under one framework contract.
  • Developed a process and knowledge management approach by collecting and sharing already-created documents to prevent “reinventing the wheel” in the future.
  • Developed a new legal approach for public framework contracts.
IT management process development as Process Manager

2021-01 – 2021-10

  • Developed strategic and operational IT management processes, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.
  • Developed a risk evaluation plan and a service delivery quality assurance program.
  • Developed strategic and operational IT service management process simulations to understand the implications of developed changes.
IT service catalog development as Process Manager

2021-01 – 2021-10

  • Developed a stakeholder communication approach.
  • Developed an IT service catalog information-gathering approach.
  • Developed an information management approach and development roadmap.
Information management process development as Process Manager

2021-01 – 2021-10

  • Developed an information management process based on wiki software.
  • Developed a stakeholder requirements-gathering approach.
  • Developed an implementation communication strategy.
Operational improvement development as IT Manager

2019-08 – 2020-11

  • Developed approaches to streamline operations throughout the organization by implementing modern work approaches and a simplified process management approach.
  • Developed a department handbook with organizational structures, process documentation, and standard operating procedures/instructions, making departmental processes transparent to the team and organizational stakeholders.
  • Delivered stakeholder information sessions communicating the department processes.
IT management training development as IT Manager

2019-08 – 2020-11

  • Developed training materials based on common IT management frameworks.
  • Developed a training approach for military IT exercise preparation.
  • Delivered preparatory and in-exercise training sessions.
Interim department head as IT Manager

2019-08 – 2020-11

  • Developed a people leadership approach based on learning and continual improvement.
  • Developed a peer-to-peer coaching approach for group learning.
  • Delivered single-person and group coaching.
IT outsourcing transition & transformation as Consultant

2017-10 – 2019-07

  • Developed an approach for international project management through various time zones.
  • Developed an information management approach based on Microsoft SharePoint lists.
  • Developed IT outsourcing service delivery continual improvement methodologies, processes, metrics, and dashboards.
IT outsourcing transactions as Consultant

2017-10 – 2019-07

  • Developed business requirements and customer needs through stakeholder workshops.
  • Negotiated outsourcing contracts with stakeholders and suppliers.
  • Developed a sourcing approach for IT security services.
IT outsourcing strategy development as Consultant

2017-10 – 2019-07

  • Developed a strategy for an IT infrastructure outsourcing strategy.
  • Developed a solution approach through stakeholder workshops.
  • Developed a company-wide sourcing strategy template.
Datacenter renewal procurement approach development as Consultant

2015-10 – 2017-09

  • Developed an IT sourcing training program for IT and procurement departments.
  • Developed a data center hardware & software sourcing approach.
  • Developed supplier negotiation strategies.
Hardware, software, services procurement as Consultant

2015-10 – 2017-09

  • Developed a mid-market IT sourcing/procurement process model including requirements collection, service design, and IT supplier selection.
  • Delivered IT outsourcing consulting services to mid-market businesses with a focus on IT infrastructure and horizontal application projects.
  • Developed a business model delivering IT consulting services to mid-market businesses based on self-service information and remote consulting.
Market research & RFx development as Consultant

2015-10 – 2017-09

  • Developed an IT solution market research & solution evaluation approach.
  • Developed a stakeholder meeting approach, reducing the number of internal discussions.
  • Developed a lean IT service RFx process.

Christian Ullrich: School

  1. Master of Science in Business Information Technology 2013-10 – 2015-09
  2. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 2009-10 – 2013-02

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We, Christian Ullrich and Miriam Sanchez, support organizations adopting team feedback practices for organizational improvement and innovation. Drawing from our experience in management consulting and process management, we are passionate about developing new approaches that facilitate the exchange of knowledge across organizations and countries. Our lifelong mission is to help organizations self-improve while making professional services more effective and efficient. We love sharing our written expertise free of charge and encourage organizations to embrace a knowledge-sharing culture for the greater good.

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