Organizational transformation


Organizational transformation describes the continual process of adapting the organization to a changing environment. The organizational transformation includes all functions, teams, and processes. Organizational change management is the meta-level of including people in this process and ensuring long-term changes. Organizational transformation can start in a generic way (like this project) and then go deeper into detail in various other projects, and will never end.

Form structure

Section selection section

  • Which kind of task do you want to do?
  • Who's the interviewee?
  • Is this a test form response?

From complex to simple section

  • Why does complexity matter?
  • What’s dangerous about complexity?
  • Why do people like simplification?
  • Why should every organization simplify its offering?
  • How do organizations simplify?
  • How do founders and CEOs simplify?
  • How do managers simplify?
  • How do front-line workers simplify?
  • Why’s simplification the future of organizations?
  • What comes after simplification?

From top-down to autonomous section

  • Why does autonomy matter?
  • What’s not working about top-down orders?
  • Why does autonomy work?
  • Why should many organizations switch to team-based autonomy?
  • Why should some organizations (and most organizations in certain situations) stick with top-down command & control?
  • How do organizations switch from top-down to team-autonomous decision-making?
  • How do managers switch from top-down to team-autonomous decision-making?
  • How do front-line workers adopt team-autonomous behavior?
  • Why is team autonomy the future of business?

From project to process & product section

  • Why does classical project management fail so often?
  • Why is a switch to agile project management not sufficient?
  • How do organizations switch from projects to processes?
  • How do organizations switch from projects to (service) products?

From waterfall to agile section

  • Why doesn’t upfront planning work?
  • What are alternatives to upfront planning?
  • What’s agile working?
  • Why’s agile working simpler than many expect?
  • Why do (not) organizations need agile consultants, coaches, and other bullshit roles?
  • How do organizations start with agile work?

From leadership to learning section

  • Why’s leadership such a big topic?
  • Why’s people selection so important?
  • What kind of people should organizations look for?
  • How do organizations justify big salaries for the very best leaders?
  • How’s the educating leader an alternative?
  • How do organizations assess people for learning and education capabilities?
  • How do organizations adopt the knowledge and wisdom of new people?
  • How do organizations select educating leaders?

From idea to implementation section

  • Why do organizations need ideas?
  • Why do organizations need implementation?
  • Why do organizations fail at ideation?
  • Why do organizations fail at implementation?
  • How do organizations create ideas for initiatives?
  • How do organizations drive implementation?
  • How do organizational leaders drive implementation and adoption?

From chaos to process section

  • Why are organizational processes so important?
  • Why’s process management so important?
  • Why did the "process management" profession fail?
  • Why’s classical process management a management fad?
  • What are the alternatives to the classical process management approach?
  • How could simplified process management work?
  • What are the components of a simplified process management approach?
  • How do organizational leaders drive the implementation and adoption of a simplified process management approach?

From push to pull section

  • What's the difference between push and pull processes?
  • Why do push processes so often fail?
  • How do pull processes work?
  • How could your organization enable people to pull work packages?
  • How does your organization reward people pulling work?
  • How does your organization create a culture of self-directed work?