Organizational innovation


Every organization needs continual innovation to adapt to the ever-changing environment. Radical, business model, and/or disruptive innovation can be necessary when other market players seem to threaten the organization to a degree that its existence is endangered. Innovation development frameworks build mental bridges and processes to ideate and test new customer solutions and business models. The challenging part starts after finishing the first stage, but the first stage is necessary to be able to get to execution.

Form structure

Section selection section

  • Which kind of task do you want to do?
  • Who is the interviewee?
  • Is this a test form response?

Business model ideas section

  • What’s your business model idea category?
  • What’s your business model idea?

New business ideas section

  • What’s your new business idea category?
  • What’s your new business idea?

New market ideas section

  • What’s your new market idea category?
  • What’s your new market idea?

New professional services ideas section

  • What’s your professional services innovation type?
  • What’s your professional services innovation?

New outsourcing services ideas section

  • Which managed service do you want to design?
  • What’s your service design?

Competitive hotspot ideas section

  • Which competitor(s) do you describe?
  • Which type of competitor weakness do you describe?
  • What’s the competitor's weakness in detail?
  • What could be our approach to develop a strength out of it?