Leadership development


Organizations need leaders, and leaders need to develop. Leadership development isn’t a capability that is for HR only. Leadership development is a task all existing organizational leaders are responsible for, and one that all employees should have an interest in. It consists of understanding (future) leaders’ requirements and developing an approach to support them. The organization’s executives should oversee leadership development.

Form structure

Section selection section

  • Which kind of task do you want to do?
  • Who's the interviewee?
  • Is this a test form response?

Bad leadership section

  • What are the signs of classical leadership?
  • What are the signs of bad leadership?
  • What are the alternatives to bad leadership?

Cuddling leadership section

  • Why’s cuddling important?
  • How do leaders cuddle?
  • How do your leaders cuddle?
  • How do you find cuddling leaders?
  • How do you enable leaders to cuddle?

Team-building leadership section

  • Why’s team-building important?
  • How do leaders build teams?
  • How does your organization build teams?
  • How do you find team-building leaders?
  • How do you enable leaders to build teams?

Educational leadership section

  • Why are learning and education important?
  • How do leaders learn and educate?
  • How do you learn and educate?
  • How does your organization find learning and educational leaders?
  • How do you enable leaders to learn and educate?

Process-building leadership section

  • Why are processes important?
  • How do leaders structure processes?
  • How do you structure processes?
  • How do you find process-building leaders?
  • How do you enable leaders to structure processes?

Leader development section

  • How do leaders learn?
  • How do you select leaders?
  • How do you educate leaders?