Information management


Information management is the core capability to reduce the organizational “reinventing the wheel” habit. Most organizations have implemented wiki, document, and other information management software tools but still don’t use the expertise of past activities. Culture, processes, and technology must all be implemented and continually improved to achieve the goal of proper information management. Because information management’s success is hard to measure, most organizations deprioritize this capability and waste a lot of money in the process.

Form structure

Section selection section

  • Which kind of task do you want to do?
  • Who's the interviewee?
  • Is this a test form response?

Requirements analysis section

  • What’s information management for you?
  • What works in information management in your organization?
  • What doesn’t work in information management in your organization?
  • How could your organization improve its information management?

Wiki adoption analysis section

  • Why aren’t you using your organization’s wiki more?
  • How could your organization use its wiki for more use cases?
  • What are use cases besides typically writing text documents?

Wiki structure analysis section

  • What’s your organization’s wiki structure approach?
  • What are the strategic goals in structuring the wiki?
  • How could your organization structure its wiki on the highest level?

Authoring approach analysis section

  • Why should your organization write down more information?
  • Why isn’t your organization writing down more information?
  • How can your organization write down more information?
  • What information to write down should your organization start with?
  • Where could you store newly written information?
  • How could you make newly written-down information available to your coworkers?

Writing topic areas analysis section

  • What are the areas in your organization where you regularly reinvent the wheel?
  • What are the most urgent topic areas to share information with your coworkers?
  • Who has the time to write this information down?

Information strategy analysis section

  • What’s the ideal format and structure for the information you want to write down?
  • What’s the software you want to use to write and save the information?
  • How can your organization test the newly written information?

Writing analysis section

  • Why isn’t writing more interesting for you?
  • How can your organization make writing more interesting for you?
  • How could writing in pairs or in groups make it more appealing for you?

Quality assurance analysis section

  • How can you collect feedback early in the writing process?
  • How can you ensure a high-quality document when you finished writing?

Publishing process analysis section

  • What’s the software tool to publish written documents?
  • What’s the process to publish written documents?

Legal compliance analysis section

  • What legal and compliance requirements are relevant for your organization?
  • How can you ensure you meet all legal and compliance requirements?

Information research analysis section

  • What kind of information is your organization missing?
  • What are the challenges of researching information?
  • What information research practices can your organization use to add information to the organization?

Information sources analysis section

  • How does your organization manage information sources?
  • What are the challenges of managing information sources?
  • How could your organization manage information sources better?
  • What are relevant information sources for our organization?

Knowledge transfer analysis section

  • What are the limits of transferring tacit knowledge (in brains) to written explicit information (in the wiki)?
  • How can your organization tacit knowledge between people?
  • How can structured interviews help to exchange tacit knowledge between people in your organization?

Knowledge to information analysis section

  • What piece of tacit knowledge do we want to transfer to written explicit information?
  • Until when should we write this information down?
  • Who will contribute to this information development by writing?

Information feedback section

  • What information piece do you provide feedback on?
  • On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely would you recommend this information piece to others?
  • What do you like about this information piece?
  • What still needs to be improved?
  • How could the author improve this information piece?