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This website helps you throughout the outsourcing & supplier management journey. All tools and templates are free of charge and aren’t subject to copyright.

Good practices

Project templates

Simple service procurement

Einfacher Dienstleistungseinkauf

  • Simple service procurement: Requirements survey
Simple service procurement: Request for quote
Simple service procurement: Quote
  • Simple service procurement: Supplier evaluation interview
  • Simple service procurement: Internal cooperation preparation survey

Managed service procurement


  • Managed service procurement: Introductory survey
  • Managed service procurement: Requirements interview
  • Managed service procurement: Shortlist decision survey
Managed service procurement: Request for quote
Managed service procurement: Quote
  • Managed service procurement: Quote survey
  • Managed service procurement: Alignment interview
  • Managed service procurement: Implementation preparation interview
  • Managed service procurement: Adoption facilitation interview

Technology procurement


  • Technology procurement: Introductory survey
  • Technology procurement: Requirements interview
  • Technology procurement: Supplier shortlist survey
Technology procurement: Cloud service: Request for quote
Technology procurement: Cloud service: Quote
  • Technology procurement: Software tool: Request for quote
  • Technology procurement: Software tool: Request for quote response
Technology procurement: Hardware: Request for quote
Technology procurement: Hardware: Quote
  • Technology procurement: Quote survey
  • Technology procurement: Alignment interview
  • Technology procurement: Implementation preparation interview
  • Technology procurement: Adoption facilitation interview

About me

While supporting private and public organizations in technology procurement, outsourcing, and supplier management, I make good practices publicly available for free. If you're interested in what I do, please schedule a call by choosing an available date and time. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. • Christian Ullrich, Freelance Outsourcing & Supplier Management Consultant

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Training overview

While working with a small number of freelance/consulting clients, I conduct one-day training sessions for organizations that want to improve their technology procurement, outsourcing, and supplier management processes. I offer training in several areas:

Process management

  • How to structure organizational processes with simple forms.
  • How to build interfaces between teams, processes, and software tools.
  • How to facilitate already implemented form, list/table, and workflow software tools.

Statement of work authoring

  • How to write all kinds of professional/outsourcing service contracts in one week instead of six months.
  • How to reference existing process frameworks instead of “reinventing the wheel.”
  • How to add organization-specific information in a couple of sentences instead of in pages of prose.

Both together

  • Overview of the state of technology procurement, outsourcing, and supplier management.
  • Process management and contract authoring in a nutshell.
  • Current trends and what to prepare for in the next few years.


  • You explain your needs and we plan the training focus together upfront.
  • You decide the breadth and depth of all available topics.
  • You decide on the training interaction format to support your team’s learning & development needs.


  • All training builds on my free quoting tools and process input forms.
  • Each training is one full day, with enough breaks to stay awake. ;)
  • Each one-day training costs 3,000 EUR (excl. VAT).