"Order and simplification are the first steps toward mastering a subject."

Thomas Mann

CIMIC Chatbot

The CIMIC chatbot is an AI tool for learning, research, and facilitation in civil-military cooperation. The chatbot utilizes open-source information to evaluate various chatbots and implementation strategies.

Custom AI chatbot implementation framework

The AI chatbot implementation framework facilitates the ideation, testing, and rollout of an AI chatbot. AI chatbots combine organization-specific information with the intelligence of ChatGPT.

Defense event calendar

The defense event calendar serves as a centralized repository for educational events in defense and security throughout Germany and Europe. Streamlining the search process for relevant events, it fosters communication and collaboration among members of various organizations.

Feedback framework

The feedback framework supports people in gathering and giving feedback. It includes questions for structuring the feedback conversation and guidance for adopting team feedback practices.

Midmarket supplier search

German public organizations utilize the midmarket supplier search tool to identify German midmarket suppliers. This aligns with the legal mandate of German public entities to support midmarket suppliers.

Nonprofit education firm setup framework

The nonprofit education firm setup framework guides organizations in establishing subsidiaries focused on educating specific target groups. This structure offers tax benefits by facilitating targeted educational initiatives.

Universal framework agreement for public procurement

The universal framework agreement for public procurement simplifies public procurement by drastically reducing the number of public tenders. The documentation contains explanations and templates for the execution of an RFP.

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We, Miriam Ullrich and Christian Ullrich, are passionate about developing new approaches that facilitate knowledge exchange across organizations and countries. Our lifelong mission is to help organizations self-improve by disseminating good practices. We love sharing our written expertise free of charge and encourage organizations to embrace a knowledge-sharing culture for the greater good.

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